iAM Global Education Donates Money to Unite Children With Their Families Across the World

iAM Global Education Donates Money to Unite Children With Their Families Across the World

I may be alone here, but watching young children ripped from their parents arms and carted to detention centers with minimal care and less compassion has made me question America’s democracy.  I think all reasonable people can agree that an infant carried across the border by his or her parents does not deserve a lifetime of mental issues for this transgression. We can examine policy and find better ways to help refugees enter the correct way to apply for citizenship, but the fact remains that crossing the border for the first time, illegally, is a misdemeanor.  Legally, this equates to jaywalking. Would you want to lose your family over such a minor detail? Make no mistake, these are not traffickers, gang members, etc. These are families we are talking about. iAM Global education would like to help. For every purchase of our Pathways to Citizenship study guide, we will donate $5.00 to the International Rescue Committee.  This nonprofit was established in 1933 to help reunite families torn apart by World War II.  The need for this organization is still, sadly, very real. If you are in the process of gaining citizenship, please consider our study guide and help families reunite in this difficult time.


Shawn Huffman

iAM Global Education, Director of Curriculum and Innovation

Pathway to Citizenship/Immigration


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Let us assist you through the complex U.S. Citizenship process with our Pathways to Citizenship course guide, a comprehensive, online, regularly updated study guide to help you prepare for the United States citizenship process, all from the comfort of your computer, or mobile device, anywhere in the world. Understanding the process is your first step towards success for U.S. Citizenship.

Merit-based immigration system is a hot topic when referring to the U.S. Citizenship process. Let’s be clear, if any changes within the immigration process do occur, it won’t happen within the next 5 years. Of course, this time span could be even longer depending on if, and when, the new Merit-based immigration system is passed into law. By that time, you may have already have obtained your U.S. Citizenship if your start the process now. iAM Global Education® can help you get started.

 A “green card” or visa is the initial step of the process to pursuing U.S. Citizenship.  A “green card,” or permanent residence card, can be obtained through the USCIS office.  The green card will be the first step, even if a new, merit based law goes into effect.  The U.S. Merit-based visa system is currently U.S. Senate bill that will assess an applicant’s skills, age, education, work history, ties to the U.S., knowledge of the English language, business and community service activities, nationality, etc. (https://qz.com/1049331/merit-based-immigration-where-could-you-move/) U.S. Merit-based immigration system is not currently a law. If it becomes a law, it will take at least 5 years to go into effect.

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Jeannine Woolsey, iAM Global Education, Director of Strategic Initiatives