The Evolution of Online School

Online education and digital schools have come a long way towards being a valid choice for students looking for a quality education.  Digital schools sometimes have a bad reputation that is rooted in the first online schools. Those were text driven and solely about worksheets and the most menial tasks that were easy to grade.  Today’s digital schools are much more robust. The best digital schools incorporate 21st century skills like collaboration and creativity. Worksheets are a relic of a bygone era. Students are asked to create and contribute rather than regurgitate memorized information.  Well developed online schools no longer consist of a single student sitting at a single computer with little to no interaction with classmates. Peer editing, asynchronous discussions, reflecting and sharing are all parts of the new digital school. Make sure you truly examine your digital school’s pedagogy before signing up.  If it is a quality digital, online school, it will be truly interactive and not just have rote work to accomplish.


Shawn Huffman

Director of Curriculum and Innovation

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