Tech Tool Showcase

Tech Tool Showcase

Many would agree that student engagement is the key to successfully reaching students in the fully enriched 21st century world in which we live.  The more students are engaged in the content, the more they will truly learn. I will discuss a tool that I use in my 21st Century classroom to help engage students while giving them the content knowledge that they need:  Nearpod.


Nearpod is a way to transform your regular PowerPoints or Google Slideshows into interactive lessons that results in fully engulfed student-centered learning.  On a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, students will take multiple choice quizzes or fill in the blank activities to ensure they have understood the content, while also taking journeys on virtual field trips all over the world.  Visual learners will love to draw their answers instead of writing them out with a drawing function, as well as learning through YouTube clips along the way. Matching activities and memory games will help to engrain important vocabulary terms or formulas into the minds of the students.  They can also dive into the human body or explore historic places with 3D models. Learning truly comes to life!

You can create your own lessons for free, or let Nearpod do the work for you.  Nearpod has a full library of already created lessons that you can pay for as an individual or subscribe to as a school.  Students love Nearpod as it is student-centered and fully engaging. Check it out if you want to enhance your 21st Century classroom:


Katie Assali


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