Maximizing Time, Not Wasting It: Effective Professional Development and Certifications

So many educators work tirelessly to maintain a direct, working knowledge of their content area and all its related current methodologies and practices through Professional Development and Certifications.  And, yet, so often, in order to do that very thing, an educator has to weed through so much that can feel like a waste of resources. Interestingly, in many ways the financial cost of Professional Development and Certifications is not the biggest issue or concern.  Rather, it is the cost with regard to time.


No one, generally, in any field, tends to feel that they have such an overabundance of time that they can waste it on things that will not be of direct benefit, but for educators, this issue is perhaps more pronounced then in others, because for Educators, Professional Development and Certifications are not just about them, they are very much about the future.


Certainly, all good Professional Development and Certifications, in all fields, can lead to more effective results, increasing a company’s bottom line, as it were, but in Education, there is something else too:  long term impact on the future, in a potentially massive way. In a way that could change the entire planet.


Sure, that sounds a bit overstated, but is it?  Think for a moment about what educators really do.  Regardless of content area, educators are training the future leaders of their communities.  Of the world. Literally.


Those methods that an educator learns to implement via Professional Development and Certifications, can be the catalyst for a major student breakthrough.  A change in the student’s perspective or process that leads them down a path that enables them to eventually take on and solve the problems of the world. Really.  How many times do world leaders, and leaders of every industry talk about a teacher they had at one point that made the difference for them? That inspired them? That helped them move forward on the path they would eventually dominate?  The answer is pretty much every one.


So, yes, Professional Development and Certifications can require some additional commitment, but they are more than worth it.  Not just to the educator, or the students, but, potentially to the entire world.

Richard Maxwell

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