The Need to be a 21st Century Learner

We live in a complex age. When looking at the calendar, it says we’re eighteen years past the millennium and yet so many 20th century attributes and practices are being desperately clung to. The world is changing so quickly around us and it seems each leaf on each branch of our world has to be connected to the online world. While nearly every part of our society is connected to the online world, it’s time to start letting our society transform to the online world. We live in a digital age with public schools that have one foot in the analog world. In a lot of ways public schools are simply reaching over the threshold, but have yet to set foot in the new dwelling of the online world. American brick and mortar schools have scratched the surface of what is possible in the digital world. Teachers have website and social media to related apps to keep students engaged but it’s simply scratching the surface. There are so many elements of brick and mortar schooling that cling to an old age where xeroxed copies are needed and the coffee mug of pencils always needs sharpening. It’s time to push these tools into the precipice and jump across that threshold into the new online world.


Imagine a world where the school bell never rang for the next class. Imagine a world where your educational limits were not confined by a shrinking education budget. Imagine if your educational spirit could flourished and was defined by what you wanted to accomplish not your surroundings. The age of online learning has just begun. At eighteen years into the new millenium, it’s time to take the step into the next dwelling. Physical worksheets, handouts and school supplies have no place here. Online school is where you want it to be. You could be confined to your home, in another country or traveling the world and still find a way to connect to an online school. Online school is on whatever device is easiest for you to use. Be it a laptop, smartphone or desktop computer, you can find a way to connect yourself to your success. Online school is the wherever you find focus and time for you to push yourself to the next level. You can choose the best environment and surrounding for your to succeed. It could be a quiet study room, a library, a coffee shop or enroute to your next destination. Online school is what you want it to be.


The benefits of online school are abundant and liberating when given the chance. Find your own pace and find your own way to succeed. Online 21st century learning is not about where you are, or where you come from; it’s about what you can accomplish at the tap of a keyboard and your own focus. Push yourself to finish your high school diploma faster than you would at a brick and mortar school. Fit in class time at your own structure and pace. Find accomplishment and success on your terms in your schedule. Online school may be that way to not just connect to the online world but transform the way we live into the online world.

Eric Luse

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