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21st Century Blog for 7/19/18

As educators, we are preparing students for careers that don’t even exist today. So, what steps should you take to become a 21st Century educator and gain the skills you will need to make a difference for your students?  Teacher Thought organization tells us there are 4 essential rules of 21st Century learning classrooms (https://www.teachthought.com/learning/4-essential-rules-of-21st-century-learning/), but truly creating 21st Century learning environments takes strategic planning and professional development. Get started today and transform your learning environments into 21st Century learning classrooms. iAM Global Education® can provide you and your entire school with comprehensive training via online classes, webinars, and/or face-to-face workshops anywhere around the world. Meet our 21st Century learning expert team and champions that will guide you to transform your traditional learning environments into 21st Century classrooms. Be a 21st Century Educator starting today!  iAM Global Education will guide you every step of the way. Check out www.iamglobaleducation.com and learn more how to begin your 21st Century classroom transformation.  iAM Global Education: Making the World a Better Place through Education.   

– Jeannine Woolsey

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