Do I really need a high school diploma?

    A high school diploma is not simply a milestone in one’s life, but rather it is a required ticket to help you springboard your future. That future may consist of higher education, immediate career, or a trade; nonetheless, a high school diploma is essential in allowing you to take that next step.

            There are many obstacles to completing a high school diploma that typically deal with time, and effort. These vary from person to person and from culture to culture. However, it is important to note that those who have a high school diploma, on average, make over $10,000 per year more than those who have not finished high school. Therefore, those challenges that may seem so dire and immediate will end up being less significant in the grand scheme of things.

            The great news is that with the internet and technology connecting the world, lack of time can no longer be a prominent barrier in attaining a high school diploma. The answer is an online high school. However, with a simple answer comes a wide variety of options that include  availability, cost, and quality. So how do you choose the best online high school that will meet the needs of the students?

            There are a few different types of Online High Schools available:

  1.       Public/Charter Online High School Diplomas

These online high schools are governmentally funded and typically work with students that reside in the United States. Often times, these schools offer a limited curriculum with limited offerings. Charter online schools are also considered public schools but are viewed as less stable due to the non-secured government funding sources.

  1.       Private Online High School Diplomas

These schools tend to offer more diverse courses to choose from and higher quality curriculum. The cost of private schools can vary so it is important to ensure that the high school is accredited. This means that the hard work students have put in results in a diploma that is recognized by major universities across the world. This accreditation should also provide comfort knowing that a creditable body has reviewed the school system to ensure it is focused on maximizing learning and student success.

Don’t be afraid to do the research on your own to find the school that makes sense for your child. iAM Global Education is an example of a private school that is accredited and works with international students to truly help make the world more united.

Rony Assali